Friday, July 3, 2009

If You Give a Girl a Duster...

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If you give a girl a dusting challenge {thanks so much Rachel Anne} and send her children off to the children's museum with their grandparents, she just might...

~ dust not one room, not two rooms, but the entire upstairs

~ take an overstuffed chair and ottoman to the Salvation Army to donate

~ turn the furniture in the house literally upside down to sweep underneath

~ scrub the floors on her hands and knees {because who really knows when it got a good clean last???}

~ clean out a closet

~ turn the music up SUPER LOUD since there were no kids to worry about

~ stop for a Dr. Pepper break

~ remember to mail some packages

~ flip her mattress, wash/dry the sheets and redo her bed

~ wash/dry the boys sheets and change the quilts to their summer ones

~ get fed up with the handprints on the tv and finally clean it off

~ pick up and vacuum the entire basement

~ rearrange the basement furniture some

~ haul a chair up from the basement to replace the missing chair

~ clean both bathrooms

~ drink 1 liter of Diet Dr. Pepper

Isn't it amazing how much one can get done in a 3 hour timespan when there are NO INTERRUPTIONS from little ones? It just all goes to show what dusting can lead to!


  1. Woooo hooo! You go girl!! Yes, it is amazing! I could do all that at night while my kids are sleeping if I really wanted to. Ha!

    BTW, congrat's on becoming a new contributor to Heart of the Matter!! That is my FAVORITE home school site! :) I look forward to your contributions and know they will be awesome!

  2. we just do all that to fill the void those kids leave :D Isn't great to just turn up the music and go!

  3. I love days like that! Such a feeling of accomplishment, even if no one in the house notices. :)

    Your kids are darling! And your blog is very cute.

  4. Wow! What a lot of things accomplished. But how on earth do you flip a mattress on your own? It takes me and my husband about ten minutes to do it together, and then we have to sit down for a rest.

    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Best wishes,

  5. What a day of getting a lot done! Good for you. I could use a day like that...and my house too! Love to turn up the music...way more fun!

  6. WOW!!! Yep that is a goooooood day!!! First off, what brave parents you much have to take everyone out and about...what a blessing that is in itself :) Sounds like you are set one cleaning for least till they get home :)

  7. You didn't just clean, you turned into SUPERWOMAN! It is amazing what you can get done without interruptions!

  8. Haha! All that from a duster?? I'd hate to think what would happen if we gave you a broom!!

    Seriously, you rocked, girl! That has got to feel great. Way to go!!

    I'm with Jo...flipping the mattress? Maybe I should start drinking Dr. Pepper.

  9. Wow great job! Now I have found something else we both share in addition to Bejeweled. It's Dr. Pepper! Love it. Must have it.

  10. Oh Dear . . . I must remind myself NOT to pick up a duster! lol

    Great list and Wow . . . you accomplished all of that in three hours! I guess I need to start drinking Dr. Pepper!

    Have a great weekend.

  11. I know! Great job. I left the baby with my in-laws and just took the toddler to run much faster....why was anything hard when I just had one? =p Anyhow, that's fantastic. Have a great weekend!

  12. ROFL!!!

    Are your parent's looking to adopt a few next time they head to the museum?

  13. Whew! Wore me out just reading about it! I've had dreams about having the house all to myself for a day so that I could just get it clean top to bottom...

    Have a great weekend!

  14. YOU GO GIRL! Awesome! I covet your uninterupted time! You're inspiring though, I need to take better advantage of nap time! Even an hour of work like you did would be great!
    Have a wonderful weekend...I do hope you get to prop your feet up sometime :)

  15. Wow! That's a lot of progress for one morning. Maybe I need to find three hours somewhere! :)

  16. Go Jolanthe!! I don't know the last time I did that much cleaning at one time!

  17. What a great job! I need to take that dusting challenge. I laughed at the part about the finger prints on the TV because that's just what kicks me into cleaning them...thanks!

  18. Wow! That sounds like a week of work, and you packed it into three hours?! Congratulations!

  19. That is so true. Often when we get rid of our kids, we just HAVE to get EVERYTHING done while we can, but wouldn't it be nice to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the quietness? Or just simply do something for ourselves, something we like and want to do, and not NEED to do? Just a thought.

  20. Wow!!! That is amazing! Could I borrow you for a few hours in my house? I have Dr. Pepper.... ;)

    Congrats on getting your "dusting" done! And thanks for the coffee!

  21. Good grief! You wouldn't want to come to my part of Canada would ya? I could sure use some of those things done in my fact prbably all of them!

  22. WOW - you rock! Go on girl.

    Course, it is really your parents who rock... :)


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