Thursday, June 25, 2009

Putting Fear in a Mother's Heart

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Really, I think fear would be an understatement of what happened earlier this week.

Terror would probably more accurately describe the emotions in my heart.

I'm sure from the title, you've already figured out one of the main culprits involved in the situation. The boys have two windows in their room ~ one slider and one casement. The slider is very tempting for Zachary to open {which he does frequently} and we in turn have had many talks and 'bathroom discussions' about the danger of opening the window...falling out of a window, etc... The slider window opens and has a fairly good drop, but into the garden/grass area.

The casement window , however. has a two story drop onto a cement pad. But because the casement window has a double lock and one of the locks is up high {and we assumed out of reach}, we didn't really give it a second thought.

{Enter the second thought}.

Monday morning I opened the boy's door to find that Zachary had pulled up the blinds, managed to unlock the window, opened the window, and REMOVED THE SCREEN. When I walked in, he was holding Kaleb up so that Kaleb could look outside. Both of Kaleb's arms were hanging over the sill and outside and he was leaning part of his body out of the window.

{My stomach is doing flips as I'm just typing this}.

I'm not really quite sure how I reacted ~ other than quickly ~ to get both boys away from the impending danger. I do know there were many tears {from at least two of us}.

And just a little FYI ~ there's a lovely little screw on the side of the casement handle that allows you to remove the handle from a casement window so that the window can't be opened.

Yes. We've taken the handle off.

No. I haven't gotten over the scare quite yet.

Yes ~ I am so thankful that both of my boys are safe and that there isn't a different ending to this story.


  1. How scary!! I know how it is to have a son fall from up high! It's one of the first things I blogged about! I'm so glad you walked in and caught them!!

  2. Oh, my goodness!!!! What kids won't think of. Sheesh! I'm so glad they're both okay,

  3. Oh, my goodness. I feel sick just thinking about that. I cannot imagine what you went through. I'm SO thankful that you walked in when you did. Whew.

  4. yike yikes yikes!! Glad everyone was okay.. my stomach was doing flips just reading that!!

  5. JO! Isaac has always done that same thing (opened his screen/window/blinds)! And now he figured out that if he pokes is head THROUGH the screen he can "see the tomato plants better!"

    All that to say, I totally understand your nervousness and fear!

  6. Just reading that made me cry! I don't know how you could have kept it all together!

  7. ACK!!!!! So glad they're ok!

    When my kids were smaller (say toddler-size), we had at least one that loved to go outside whenever they wanted. And at that time we lived on a downtown street. We invested in this set of small alarms. (I think they were from Home Depot or WM.) They are 2 piece jobbies that sick to each side of the opening (in our case one on the door jamb and the other on the door). When they are not in contact with each other, they sound off. One of the sounds you can choose is a terribly loud alarm. Might be helpful in your case! :)

  8. Oh dear what a fright, hopefully that won't be happening again.

  9. So glad that your kids are ok! So scary. I've had a tough time child-proofing for my second child - we did such a good job with our first (who seemed like he was into everything) but our SECOND is truly an adventuresome sort. It's hard to anticipate their every move.

  10. Thank God that He kept them safe until you walked in the room. I can totally understand why it would take you a while to "get over it" -- maybe as moms, we never quite do!

  11. Oh. My. Goodness. Jolanthe.

    That is truly terrifying. I am so glad that they boys were OK. God protected them and got you there in time!

    Glad there was a solution to prevent future instances.

    Sometimes I wonder how there are men did any make it through childhood alive?


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