Sunday, June 7, 2009

Friend Makin Monday: Favorite Things About Summer

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Carisa at 1+1+1=1 participated in this meme last week and truthfully...the little graphic just hooked me in. Just too stinkin' cute, it is. I'm apparently a sucker for graphics.

This week's task ~ tell about 10 things that you love about summer. Oh, I know I can definitely do that:
  1. Grilling. Even though there is prep work involved for me, I love the fact that my hubby gets to help cook. Especially since there are some meals that just NEED to be grilled. Tonight's meal in fact...and you are so going to want to try it after I post the recipe tomorrow!
  2. Water gun fights. I might put up a good facade about not liking to get wet, but there is something very fun about soaking your family members with a fully loaded super-soaker. Especially your husband.
  3. Summer reading. Pile on the books...I love to curl up with a good book and during the summer books are just begging to be read.
  4. Vacation Bible School. We have some great churches in our area that run some fabulous VBS programs. I just love dropping my kids off seeing my kids excited to learn more about God and make some new friends to boot.
  5. Vacation. My husband does take off other vacation time during the year...but there is just something about summer vacation that is a little different. Especially visiting friends and family.
  6. Swim Team. Our kids have learned so much through our local swim team and even I gained a HUGE boost in confidence in being able to keep all 4 kids floating ~ at the same time.
  7. Planning. How sick is that? Having a bit of a breather in the summer/end of school gives me a chance to get a new perspective on the upcoming school year, make plans, make's bliss, I tell ya!
  8. Longer days. Maybe I'm not so fond of the sun in the morning, but I love it is lighter longer at night.
  9. Family walks and bike rides. So much more difficult when the weather is icky and cold, but lovely this time of year.
  10. Homemade ice cream. There is nothing more yummy and fattening delicious than a quart of homemade ice cream ~ oreo, butter pecan, chocolate, chocolate oreo...should I go on?
What are YOUR favorite things about summer? C'mon ~ there has to be at least one thing!

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  1. Hey...I love your list! I really loved our summer swin team too...lot of good memories there! Nice to meet you! Happy FMM!

  2. Now I desperately want homemade ice cream. Thanks for that. hahaha

  3. Hi there! So glad to meet you! Great list. We just grilled today and it was so yummy! My kids have loved being on the swim team.


  4. oo love homemade ice cream! I just got my grandma's ice cream maker and I need to make some this summer! Do you use a mix or do you make yours? Tips?

    hmm other things I love about summer.. the lake, boat rides, swimming.. anything to stay cool while still outside :-)

  5. how in the world did I forget to add homemade ice cream to my list?! I so might have to go back and add it! I have a wonderful banana recipe I'm going to share at some point! it's the best ever!

    I'm so glad you joined us! have a great day!

  6. Yummy! I love homemade ice cream, too! Who doesn't?!?

  7. Love you list...homemade ice cream I am getting the ice cream maker out and I have got to remember to bring it camping!!!

    Happy FMM!!!!

  8. Oh man, I LOVE water gun fights! :)

    Great list! Just stopping by for FMM!

  9. Fun meme! I'm going to try to make time later today to play along!

  10. Mmmmmm, homemade ice cream! We are definitely going to have to make some this summer, thanks for reminding me :)

  11. Ah - the ice cream. Forgot about that one. Your kids are adorable. Glad you're playing along with us.

  12. D'oh! How could I forget homemade ice cream! Great list!

    Happy FMM!

  13. Great Post. We are doing VBS at my church this week it is so much fun.

  14. Great list!!! You've inspired me to dig our water guns out of our garage and ambush my hubs! :)

  15. Great list! I totally forgot about homemade ice cream!

  16. What a fun list. Love your blog too. Thanks!

  17. Hey,
    What a great list! I'm getting more excited as I read everyone's posts!

    Homemade icecream is the best!! I need to venture out a little...vanilla is all I've made!

    Looking forward to learning more about you!
    Have a fabulous week!

  18. Longer days~ I totally agree! Not so much a morning person, but I do love that extra sunshine.

  19. Water gun fights -- so much fun! I love your list and so glad you joined FMM!


  20. Welcome to have a great list! We have one of those HUGE super soakers that's like a bazooka, that they quit making because they were too's so much fun!

  21. Great list. I just love your blog design - it's gorgeous! :-)

  22. Mmm...vacation bible school....I'm helping with that this summer so it's not like I'll be dropping mine off lol...thanks for coming by my place for FMM!

  23. Oh good one.. homemade ice cream!! :)

  24. hey :) What swim team are your kids involved in? I've been looking for some info :)

  25. Oh I wish we were neighbors. I have been having so much planning fun. A friend and I have been doing bi-weekly get togethers to create those things that you never get time to make during the year :)


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