Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My New 'To Do' List

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My new planner just came in the mail recently {love Amy Knapp's Family Organizer!} and then Carissa posted her Daily Docket ... and well, I had to revamp my whole system.

It was just begging to be done ~ really, it was.

Keeping it all to myself just seems a shame too, especially if someone else will actually use it. What good are cute graphics and nice little 'to-do' lists if there isn't anyone to share them with?

I'm rather over-ambitious, so I have plenty of room on my list to add things throughout the day. I take sheer joy in putting something on my list that wasn't there to begin with and then crossing it off {ahem}. It's that sense of accomplishment, I suppose.

My version of the to-do list might have some things that you wouldn't use {like blog post and review ideas}, so I edited my form a few different ways {three more to be specific} and hopefully one of the forms will work for you! I included a small area to remind myself of that evening's meal plan, a space to record any exercise I complete {haha}, and also space to keep track of my water intake. The top part is for things to do/appointments, and the bottom area is for household tasks and blog ideas.

If you click on the to-do list graphic above it will take you to my website where you can download your own pdf copy. Each page in the document has two identical sheets/forms so you can print them off and cut the page in half and have two lists. You can print off all four or just the page that works for you! {NOTE: If you are having trouble downloading the file or printing it off, leave a comment or contact me directly and I can email it to you!}.

I've been printing mine front to back so I can just flip it over when I'm done. The sheets clip nicely into my everyday calendar/planner and I transfer anything that didn't get done that day to the next day's sheet. Just wanted to pass along a little something that is Working for Me!


To go along with the yearly personal planner I created, I updated my to-do list! You can download a copy of it here.


  1. I really love the organization sheets, but I coulld not get the to print. Thanks for sharing !

  2. I'm glad that someone else adds things to the list just to cross them off. LOL

  3. I am such a list maker....can't live without it!

  4. These are fantastic! Thanks so much for posting them =D

  5. I liked the sheets, but what got my attention was your photos! Gorgeous kids & cute of you & your husband.

  6. Love it! Organized, cute, and helpful.
    When I went to print the pages came out blank. If you can find a solution. Please notify me!


  7. Oh, neat! This is really cool, I'll have to mess with it tomorrow! I LOVE putting something on a list and then crossing it right off because it's done!: )
    Thank you for stopping by my site!
    A 4 month old with Chicken Pox? Ow.
    Ahh, picker heaven. : )

  8. These are incredibly cute...and I like the first one the best because I'm equally afflicted with taking on too many "to do items" and jotting down blog ideas.


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