Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Hacking, Now Counterfeiting

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At a picnic the other day, one of my friends asked Zachary to tell her something about himself.

Z: Well, I used to eat my boogies.

C: Ok. Why?

Z: Because it's the best way to get them off my fingers.

Why I'm even surprised anymore at the stuff that he says, I don't know....


The kids were all talking about how many children they wanted to have in the future. Laurianna wanted two ~ specifically two girls. McKenna finally settled on twelve ~ six of each would be nice. Zachary opted for 45.

When he was asked how many would be girls and how many would be boys, he said: "Forty-five of each." She'll (my wife) have 45 and then we can adopt 45.

Laurianna let him know that it could get a little pricey adopting that many kids. They all sat thinking about that for a minute and then started coming up with solutions. Zachary thought he should invent an adopting machine {plans are in the works}, but Laurianna thought she had a better idea.

L: You could just make a money machine and print off your own money. That way if you needed to pay for another baby, you could just print it right off.

That, my dear, is called counterfeiting. First they started by hacking passwords....

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  1. Adopting machine. Money machine. Sounds good to me. Just so long as you carefully lick clean those "boogied" fingers before handling the products!

    I always love your Tiny Talk Tuesday posts.

  2. Never a dull moment around your place!

  3. o my word! They crack me up!

  4. Your criminals -- I mean, kids -- are hilarious! LOL

  5. OK, so it's like this ...
    I'd kinda like to get in on this money making machine thingy. We would totally adopt again if not for the prohibitive cost. I think your son has quite an interesting idea here!

  6. I always love reading what comes out of your kids' mouths. They continually crack me up! :)

  7. Your kids and their discussions are hilarious.

    If only your own money machine was that easy :)


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