Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Advil and X-Rays

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You know how many exercise routines are prefaced by the words "Consult your physician before endeavoring any exercise regimen?"

Yeah ~ they were talking to me.

Advil has been my friend over the last few days. Along with a lot of ice packs. If I could throw a few bon-bons into the mix I might just actually be relaxing.

Instead I'm enjoying the fruits of my "no-shoes" exercising {thank you ever-so-much Jillian}. My right feet/ankle area has swollen up rather hideously and Tuesday I had fun at the doctor's office for x-rays making sure that I don't have a stress fracture. So far I'm in the clear, assuming the swelling and pain go away. Otherwise I have to have a bone scan.

The sheer irony of how ridiculous I look hobbling around because I was trying to 'get healthy' is not lost on me.

I'm thinking bon-bons might just be the prescription that I'm needing right now.



  1. ouch!! I sure hope it heals up fast!

  2. Ouch! Sincerely hoping you're feeling better soon. Want me to keep Jillian company while you mend? Just send me your Shred DVD. I'll wear shoes. ;-)

  3. This is kinda funny, ya know. I'm sure hobbling around isn't funny, but to think exercising brought all this on is funny. I think I had better stick to my stationary bike.

  4. So sorry! Hope it heals quickly and you don't have to have a bone scan!

  5. Heal fast! Jillian can really give orders! ha!

    I finally got all your blog updates through blogger...says you posted everything an hour ago! They lie. At least it's working now.;-)

  6. i am very glad to hear it is better!!!


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