Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tiny Talk

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Zachary came out after breakfast one morning, wearing just a pair of pajama shorts. He stood in front of me and said, "Look, Mom! These are my underwear!"

Me: "Those are not your underwear, those are pajamas. Are you wearing underwear?"

Z: "No. These are my underwear."

***Now the underwear questions begin***

McKenna: "Mom, why does Zachary wear underwear like ours?"

I'm assuming she means the likeness of the 'tighty-whiteys' to her underwear. Without going too much into the variety of underwear types, I said that there are differences and they are not the same.

Quiet pause. And then McKenna asks...

"Does Daddy wear your underwear?"

(No, dear. You can rest assured Daddy does NOT wear Mommy's underwear...and Mommy runs to hide to laugh at this one...).


McKenna has grown so much in her reading speed and comprehension over the last few months, and after she had read to us at dinner we were talking to her about her reading and complimenting her on how well she was doing.

She took it all in, smiling, and a few moments later said:

"Mom, when you were telling me how good I was doing reading...I think I was blushing!"

It was just too cute and sweet!


  1. Im laughing so hard!! Glad to hear that Daddy doesn't wear Mommy's underwear. :-)

  2. Too funny! Atleast you didn't have to go into too much detail about the underwear. I have to get my tiny talk post up this morning, I'm super late!

  3. at least they all wear underwear.

    we got to church a few weeks ago and my 4 year old raised her dress and announced to the crowd that she didn't have any panties on! fun times!

    i love your page...i'm following you now and hope to come back for another visit soon!

  4. are you absolutely certain daddy doesn't wear your undies? :0)

  5. These are great moments, indeed!

  6. Oh My Goodness. I would have had to leave the room immediately!!! LOL...what did your hubby say to that one?

    Happy TTT!


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