Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Those Pesky Grammar Rules

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I knew those grammar rules would come back to haunt me, but didn't figure that my 7-year-old would be the one to happily point them out to me.

"Mom, there is something wrong with Kaleb's name. The rule is 'K comes before I and E, C before the other three: A, O, U.' His name should start with a 'C' not a 'K'."

Smarty pants.

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  1. That is just GREAT! Way to go Laurianna for making practical application of her grammar knowledge.

  2. don't you just love all our little smarty pants? My daughter still corrects things but it just does not seem as cute at nearly 16. lol

  3. At least you know she's listening to the school lessons....! Very cute!!!

  4. NOw how come I don't know that rule....LOL!



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