Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Which I HUMBLY say thank you

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Just so you know - I don't ignore you all when you comment. I do pop over, visit your blogs and have fun getting to know you.

And be polite.

But my grandmother would surely have my name written in her little black book right now (and I am quite serious about her having a little black book - REALLY) if she knew that I had been neglectful in saying "thank you" to those of you who have given me bloggy awards over the last few days weeks months. You might have even (gasp) forgotten - it's been that long!

It's truly not that I haven't appreciated them. And it's not that I'm ignoring you. I'm just plain forgetful at times. While I realize that there are sometimes requirements or tags along with the awards, please, please forgive me ... cause I'm doing good to finally get this post up! :)

I will grab onto the phrase "better late than never" and offer up my thanks for the following awards:

Mary at Not Before 7 gave me three awards - "Blogging with a Purpose" (back in February), and both "E for Excellent" and "You Make My Day" in July. If you haven't visited Mary before, you need to pop on over to her place. She has a great meme on Tuesdays called Tiny Talk Tuesday where everyone links to a post they've written about the crazy things that their kids say.

Or you just pop over and visit to laugh at all the things everyone else's kids are saying (and thank the good Lord that it wasn't YOUR kid!).

Mary also started her homeschooling her oldest two this year and started blogging about that too at Not Before 7 Teaches. I have SO enjoyed getting to know Mary over this last year (or more) through the blog world and sincerely hope that some day soon our paths will cross physically so that we can just sit and chat in person! (Mary - I do have your address now, so you just never know when I might show up...don't think I didn't save it!! hee hee).

Lindsay at The Whitcomb Family sent me the Smile Award. Apparently I make her smile...or at least the antics that go on in our house make her smile. Laugh. Snicker. C'mon - admit it! Lindsay is a mom to a cute little bug Sammy and a Redskins fan...which she is avidly attempting to instill in her son. She also has started up her own blog design site - Whitty Design (cute title, no?), so head over her way and check her out!

And Julie at Blessed With Five (who has the cutest blog design with that FROG!!) gave me two awards: Kreative Blogger - the graphic alone is adorable!! I am most certain that Julie gave me another one months back....but if you think that I can find the name of it...well, that's another story. Julie has a lot on her plate now - building an addition, keeping up with her kiddos...and yet manages to find time to blog about the goings-on in her life - sometimes several times a day!! She is wonderfully open about the many challenges that she faces with her kids, shares the hysterical happenings with her brood, and keeps us updated on the mouse population in her house.

Thanks so much ladies for the awards, for visiting my blog and for the friendships that we've all developed!!


  1. hehe it is not just the antics that make me smile its your response to them :-) and the retelling of the events. See you at Costco or Target sometime soon ;-)

  2. So I am SERIOUSLY wondering if December is too crazy to hit the outlets in we make it Janurary for the sales.

    AND you can bring that GTG curriculum...

    AND we can pretend we are going to shop when really we are just going to sit and talk for hours...

    So maybe we don't bother with the outlets, but find a Panera between us where you can sit and eat Cinnamon Scones for hours...

  3. well if i knew how to make those handy dandy bloggy awards i would give you one that says, "Miss popular award winner lady" :0)



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