Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Forgetful Tooth Fairy

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I don't know about your tooth fairy, but ours has been rather slack lately.

I mean seriously. Is it that hard to remember one little ol' tooth that was such a MAJOR deal in a child's life? A tooth that was talked about for hours on end. Shown to everyone within arm's reach.

Surely she heard the buzz of excitement. Squeals of delight. Knew the phone lines were hot with calls to grandparents and friends alike.

This is now the FOURTH missing tooth that she has completely forgotten to compensate for. Granted she has made three "on time" payments, but she is REALLY pushing it.

I'm having to make excuses for her too, and that's just not right. Things like: "Well, you just got a new comforter, so maybe she didn't recognize your room." or "You lost the tooth in another state, so perhaps that confused her."

And did you know that she sometimes even makes her monetary deposit during the DAY? It's true! She's shown up at our house at the oddest times - during breakfast, nap times...she apparently is so over-worked that she has moved to a 24-hour delivery schedule.

I suppose it's ok as long as she eventually delivers...but still. I am through making excuses for her. That fairy needs to start herself a "reminder" list so I don't have to stare at a little disappointed face in the morning.


  1. ohh my gosh... I was so relieved to read this!! Our tooth fairy is ALWAYS late!! I don't know what it is... Sometimes we find the money on the kitchen counter after breakfast... or it has been quietly slipped under the mattress as we "look" for it, because it "must have fallen" out from under the pillow...
    Oh the creative minds of parents.. HAAA HAAAA

  2. Our tooth fairy once had a choice between leaving a nickel or leaving a $20 bill, because that's all she had on her at the time. She chose the nickel.

  3. I hope the tooth fairy helps you out a little more moving forward! It's always frustrating to have to do the work of someone else. :)

  4. If its any consolation, Olivia returned her money the tooth fairy left her. She said "that's ok, I'm good". Yeah, that was the last visit for her!


  5. wow the tooth fairy has been slacking... She hasnt visited us yet.. but hopefully she gets her act together before then :-)

  6. Hey I gave you award on my blog :-)

  7. Hey Jolanthe,

    Stopping by after reading Lindsays blog.

    I had to laugh because the Tooth Fairy is known for forgetting to stop by here too! I was getting worried it was just us. It must be that she has so many people to visit!


  8. Wow ... I just hope she is paying double when she does show up :-)

  9. Wow! I'm glad we're not the only ones! Ours has moved to a 24 hour schedule, too. If you can find a reminder system that works, please share!!

  10. That is so funny! I'm glad she's sometimes late at your house too. Now I can let my kids know how overworked she is. (Or maybe that's how my oldest figured it out. Don't worry, he's been sworn to secrecy.)

  11. glad to see that she (or he) messes up your deliveries, too... thought we were the only ones being "dissed"


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