Thursday, October 16, 2008

In Which My Camera is Highjacked...Again

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My son and his love for my camera may result in the untimely demise of said camera.

Especially since he keeps sneaking off with it and I don't realize it until I have a chance to upload pictures and come across things like this:

My co-op basket

My toilet - because I'm sure that was top on your list of "things to see while browsing the blogosphere today".

The Target sales flyer

A mysterious green netting

Little brother dressing up

And as for putting the camera up higher where he can't reach it? I'm not really sure that's possible, because Houdini-boy is figuring out ways to get into way too many things.


  1. hehe I do think his photography is getting better and better :-) Maybe he needs one of those kid tough cameras (I think they are made by playskol) for Christmas.

  2. He has a good eye for photography. I actually love all the different angles, and the photo of your co-op basket is excellent.


  3. I agree with just mom, he really does have a great eye for angles and close ups. If you can't afford the playskool camera for kids, maybe you'll consider a one-time use camera, or two, in his stocking? Then he can run around and take pictures to his hearts content. Hide your camera, but he's got a lot of potential!!

  4. I love the toilet shot. Great composition.

  5. That is just precocious, oops I mean, precious! lol
    I wish I had more of those goofy pix be glad you displayed them and enjoy! My daughter climbed before she crawled, I guess she was following it in alphabetical order. LOL

  6. Thanks for stopping by yes the Stanley product works, I could not believe it either until I used it. I am certain it was just a plow to clean my friends window but either way it works. :-)

  7. So you found your camera cord? Great pictures, keep the one of Kaleb in the shoes. Years to come he will deny it was him, he he.


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