Monday, October 27, 2008

Stepping Out

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I have to admit it. I am rather proud of myself at the moment.

I stepped out of my comfort zone. And for me, that's the big time.

Before you get too proud of me, I'll let you know that it revolves around my ability to be "in control" of a situation. And generally when there are four children and paint involved, there seems to be a decided "lack" of control.

And I'm not so keen on that "lack".

Which is why my youngest has never touched fingerpaints. Well, that and his propensity to try and eat anything exciting that I give him to do.

So I stepped OUT of the comfort bubble, pulled all the painting goodies out of the closet and let everyone have at it. Waving around paint-covered fingers. Eating paint. Drawing each other pictures.

And I survived.

But now I need to wash my shirt, because that back-patting I did got a little paint back there, and we wouldn't want a stain to set in, now would we?


  1. wow way to go! I have not let Sammy play with paint. I am a little scared to let him do it.. I might have to follow your lead :-)

  2. No pics. with this post??? It would of been neat to see the kids in action.

  3. I think there is a recipe floating around my computer for non-toxic, edible finger paint....because everything goes in my kids' mouths!


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