Friday, September 12, 2008

This Little Face...

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Kaleb's little smiling face just makes my heart soar. He has by far been the most laid-back and quiet one of the bunch (and there have been days I've almost forgotten that he's here!). There's no rush to do anything - such as talking. He does have a few words that he uses regularly: Mahm! (Mom), no, and purple. Don't ask.

Today he was sitting at the table coloring and I pulled the camera out to snap a picture of him. The moment he saw the camera, he stayed focused on his drawing, but slapped a cheeky little grin on and kept repeating "cheese!"

Tonight when getting ready for bed he sat in his crib and started yelling, "Mahm! Mahm! Mahm!" and pointing to the book basket beside his crib. I began pulling books out and holding them up, naming them and he would adamantly say "No!" and point again until I found one that he wanted and he would shake his little head 'yes'. And then start the pointing all over again.

Ten books later, he sat happily in his crib turning pages of chunky books and reading to himself.

I know that years down the road this is going to all be difficult for me to recall in such detail, but right now I am happily relishing the "babyness" of this little one.


  1. Kaleb is just adorable! I love his smile :-) I was cracking up about the books that is to sweet.

  2. Sweet. :) It is amazing how quickly the babyness disappears. I tried to tell myself I would never forget it, but so much of it is already fading as I find new memories that I want to hold onto.

    That's one of the reasons I love to peek at them when they are asleep, sometimes I still get to see the shadow of the baby they were in their face.

  3. Hi! I love your blog! Your little man is sooo cute! To answer your question about the MFWK resources...I simply use my internet search engine to find EASY EASY little crafts. I love Enchanted! Also, I use my printmaster to make the badges "or front pictures" for the folder. Thanks for stopping by!


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