Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Backwards Works for Me Wednesday: Cleaning Upholstery

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Here's a question for the backwards edition of Works for Me Wednesday that I would love some help on: How do you clean your upholstery?

We have a pale yellow chair and also a couch that are upholstery and I'm not sure exactly what to use on them to best clean them. I don't want to soak the fabric - especially since the kids are generally always touching it and playing around it, and if it's still wet...well, it picks up even more dirt, thus making the cleaning process a joke.

I don't want to wreck the fabric either. Do any of you have any suggestions that might help me out? I'd love to hear your suggestions and recommendations!!


  1. Hi Jolanthe,

    Thanks for stopping by! I love your space over here. It's quite cozy. :)

  2. I have a favorite product for cleaning rugs, carpet and upholstery. It was given to me because it is "for" pet stains and we have pets, but I haven't found any organic stain it won't get out. =) I have used it on all of the above mentioned places with great success. It removes both odors and stains. It says to test in an inconspicuous area, but I think they just have to cover their tails because I've never had any type of discoloration.

    Hope this helps!

  3. My favorite cleaner for all fabrics (cloths and household) is Biokleen Bac-Out! It's AWESOME. My MIL got spaghetti sauce out of light colored carpet, I got a black mystery stain out of my microfiber sofa, blood out of clothes, food out of clothes, etc... It's awesome! Smells great, gets out odors and is non-toxic.

  4. My suggestion: get leather sofas. :-)

  5. I know this is an older post, but the Tide Pen is my roommate and my favorite couch saver (really, why we got an off-white slip cover that's a pain to wash when we -know- we didn't have a kitchen table to eat at...). It wouldn't be help for general cleaning, but it takes pretty much anything organic out of the couch (tea, spaghetti sauce, hot chocolate, etc.) and dries pretty quickly because it's such a little area that's damp.

    We don't use the slip cover in our new place, so I'm interested to hear if you find something that works well!


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