Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kids Fall Reading Chart

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It's about that time. Time for fall to make its appearance, and since I'm gearing up for my own little reading challenge, I thought it might be fun for our kids to go another round too.

I revamped our summer reading chart to a fall version for the kids. They loved reading their hearts out for a measly amazing little prize (a $2 Polly Pocket), and if they want to read to their siblings and practice their reading on each other, I am all for that!

I made up a little chart for the girls and Zachary to complete a challenge from me: read 75 books this fall and get a special treat - i.e. something under $5 or so at the store. Even better, they can earn extra points depending on the size of the book (Laurianna) and for helping Mommy out around the house with extra little projects - but it has to be done cheerfully and with no complaining (there's always a catch!).

In case you want to have your own little reading challenge at home, feel free to print off the chart below and have fun with your kids too!

Read this document on Scribd: Fall Reading Challenge


  1. LOVE this. But, here are my they have to read it or can it be read to them. I woudl love to encourage K by making her have to read it. she can do level 1's and 2's easily, so this would encourage her to do it. But T (age 4) can't read and will feel totally left out. I'd have to make hers books I read to her...what do you do?

  2. McKenna can generally read on her own some simpler books (and books we do for school can count too). Laurianna gets bonus points for reading longer books, and the girls also help out Zachary by reading books to him (and they get some credit for doing that - depends on the book being read and who is reading it). Does that make sense?

  3. Oh, I do stuff like this with my kids just so I can make a chart! I love making charts! Filing stuff... anything that involves organizing. (unless it's the sock drawer)

  4. such a great idea!! I am sure they are all very excited about their prizes.


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