Friday, September 19, 2008

A Glimpse of Bliss

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When I first decided to homeschool there was a definite "picture" in my mind of how I envisioned that our days would be.

You know. Nothing short of blissful happiness and eternal learning opportunities.

And well...truthfully, while there have been glimpses of that vision, life is more appropriately labeled along the lines of "mass chaos", "impatience" and "general survival".

Until yesterday. When I rounded the corner into the kitchen and stopped short at the picture before me.

The heavenly chorus was singing my song that very moment.

My girls. Not fighting. But playing chess together. CHESS!! (which Mommy still hasn't an earthly idea how to play).

Pretending to be PILGRIMS! Dressing their parts and choosing to listen to classical music.

It was as if I'd been transported out of my house and had stumbled upon the cover of some homeschool magazine. I even took a picture for posterity's sake.

Mind you, the loveliness didn't last long. I found my flat iron and curling iron in the toilet (thanks to Kaleb) and my blow dryer was also suspiciously wet. And to boot, they were still plugged into the wall - without a GFI outlet. And my son even fished them OUT of the toilet too.

Guess who can open door knobs now?


  1. Even though it didn't last long, it sounds like it was a wonderful moment! Yay you!


  2. Glimpses are all we can hope for. And pretty darn cool!

  3. So glad that you were able to RECORD this moment. Ranks up there with Favor! FOG!

  4. Oh Goodness. Sounds like a fun day for you!! Glad Kaleb didn't get hurt.

    My baby is just a step away from the doorknob thing and inside my head I'm screaming NO!!!! NOT another one!!!

    That's why I am afraid to home school when my kids are old enough for school. Just one more area I can feel like I am failing in. Sounds like you are doing a great job though. Playing together... no fighting... hmm, wonder if I'll ever capture a moment like that!

  5. Well at least there was only water in the toilet when he decided your flat iron needed a dip!

  6. Picking. Myself. Up. from. Off. The. Floor. Laughing.

    You rock.

    And yes. I now feel normal and can go to bed resting in that knowledge :)


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