Monday, September 8, 2008


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The phone has recently become an object of great, umm....fascination in our house. That's not to say the kids haven't loved playing with it before, but Zachary and McKenna have developed a great desire to use it, take it, hide it, dial numbers, etc...

At the dinner table the other night, McKenna was whining and fussing about the food choice of the evening, so she had to go to her room for a time out. The rest of us continued on with our meal while she thought about her behavior.

About five minutes into the time out, our phone rang. Rick got up to answer it, said "hello" a few times and then hung up. About that time, McKenna opened her door and asked to come out. I went in to talk to her and after she left to go sit at the table, I noticed it.

My cell phone.

I picked it up off her floor and checked the recent calls: our home phone had just been called.

So while I'm happy to know she knows our home phone number, I should probably be on the lookout for calls to Nairobi and such too.


  1. ooo wow that is to funny! You might want to watch out for that long distance bill :-P So the question I have is was the calling the house a ploy to get out of her room?

  2. LOL! They love the phone in this house too! I caught T with my iPhone, playing her favorite game, Bubble Wrap ;)


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