Monday, September 15, 2008

Countertop Clutter

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*** A quick note: I do not expect this every hour of every day - life happens and there are different phases of my day. I just dislike the piling, not-finding-the-right-home, just "leave it here" concept. ***

To prove to you that my house does not always reign "clean supreme", I am posting exhibit A:

and Exhibit B:

The culprit? My countertop.

This countertop is most often always a thorn in my side. A very close second thing I tend to despise (laundry being the first). I clean it and somehow it manages to suck clutter from every hidden corner of the house in no less than 5 seconds.

It's one of those areas that just drive me absolutely crazy. I really do hate clutter. I absolutely LOVE to have my countertop clean and often get it that way and then a certain member of the male gender arrives home and brings in the mail. Or we have to raise 4 butterflies in an extra large container. Or one of my kids delivers me a fistful of pictures that I just can't throw away (yet), etc, etc, etc.

Today with Rick gone and the kids napping I managed to tame the chaos and put things away (where they actually belonged), finally found packing tape to mail the many packages/books that have been piling up (yes, Mary, your package is now officially on it's way!), and breathed a lovely sigh of relief in seeing this, Exhibit C:

Until Laurianna came up to me, bobbed her head in the direction of the counter and said, "What's wrong?"

What's wrong? What do you mean, what's wrong?

....little cheeky grin... It's CLEAN! It's never clean.

If there would have been something, anything, sitting on the counter, I mighta thumped her on the head with it. Little stinker.


  1. Isnt it a great feeling when its cleaned off! I have problems with laundry and my kitchen table. However, Sammy's reach is getting higher and higher forcing me to keep the kitchen table clean :-P

  2. yeah, i do that sometimes too. then i realize that it only makes my OCD even worse. to clear it completely and have it look so wonderful....for what, three and half minutes?

    hope it lasted a while, it looks great!

  3. Oh yeah, the countertop. If I could have ANY cleaning wish granted I think it would be to have a neat and tidy countertop (and table, because things sort of migrate between the two).


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