Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Practicing 911

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Our children's museum recently added a pretend play 911 call center, which of course sucked in my kids faster than a vaccuum cleaner on warp speed.

McKenna had me sit down and pretend to call her (the 911 operator) with my emergency.

M: 911

Me: I have an emergency. I need help right away.

M: What's wrong?

Me: My house is on fire!

M: Is your leg broken?

Me: Ummm...no. But the house is burning fast. Don't you want my address?

M: What is your address?

Me: (give the address)

M: Where is that? Oh, nevermind, we've been there before, haven't we (said so matter-a-factly that the museum staff who could overhear the entire conversation burst into laughter).


  1. OOO McKenna makes me giggle! Love Tiny Talk Tuesday.. can't wait till I can join in on the fun :-)

  2. LOL! ...and just how often have they been there? ;)

  3. that girl is FUNNY. it must run in the family.


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