Thursday, March 13, 2008

Paleontologists in the Making

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Today has been absolutely amazing weather-wise. Enough to get that bug of spring in you - and then make you sigh in disappointment when you realize it isn't here for real. Yet.

The kids are loving it and have been outside in full force. Forget that we have a great playgym. Or toys to play with. There is dirt. Lots of dirt to dig in.

Zachary has dirt in or on practically every orifice of his little body. We have a large unfinished corner in our yard that needs some plants and mulch. But not today. Today is for digging, exploring and believing that there are dinosaur bones buried somewhere in our yard. Hearing the squeals of excitement as they unearthed gold (some lovely large rocks) and dinosaur bones (a nice large tree root) has been rather comical. And they really believe they are dinsoaur bones too. It's all too cute.

And I would take pictures of it, but my husband has our camera.


Without me.

Where it is a lovely 85 degrees. And there is a pool. With waterfalls. And about this time he can start sipping pina coladas. And tour the old town of San Juan.

While I have leftovers.

I'm not JEALOUS or anything.


  1. Cute. wow what's your husband doing in Puerto Rico? mine's going to Orlando next week for work; we're a little jealous. :)

  2. The spring preview has been so great!

    Puerto Rico? Nice.

  3. puerto rico? without you? that would stink!

  4. Oh, I do think Zachary and Nehemiah would have some fun together. Even after a bath I don't think Nehemiah got completely clean. Dirt is I'm told. :)


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