Monday, March 24, 2008

My Own Kids Can't Read It

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When people call our house, we can tell if they know me or not - if they can pronounce my name.

How does it sound in your head (assuming you don't know me)?


Over the years, I've been called such a variety of things...some comically funny. Today, McKenna went and got the mail and I had her practice reading the address labels to see who each piece was for.

Rick (check).
Ernest (my dad who is living with us - check).
Jolanthe.....umm...Mom? What does this say?

She knows my name, but forgot that the way she usually spells it is M-O-M.

For the record, my name is "technically" said Yo-lon-ta (I'd put one of those smiley face circles above the "o" in my name, but can't figure out how to do it).

Can you say it?


  1. Yo-lon-ta? -ta? Uh Oh. Have we been disgracing your Dutch heritage by saying "-tha"?

  2. haha, cute; I was wondering how you pronounced it. it's a pretty name.

  3. no. I remember Christin saying your name and I was like "who?" :) Even now that I know the right way of saying it I still find myself pronouncing it wrong more often than not (cuz you know, you are SO often the topic of conversation around here) ;)

    What does your name mean? It is very pretty, especially when you pronounce it your way. :)

  4. I'm thinking that I have to downpat by this time. But hey...maybe not? ;)

  5. Will the next blog entry be a discussion on your middle name? This could be fun!

    Later Lanty...hehehe

  6. Thankfully, Christin had filled me in on this one!

    Before that I was saying:



    I am finally back catching up. Great shots of your fam! Loved seeing the kids and you and the hubs!

  7. /hey it could be something utterly julie!


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