Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not to burst your bubble...

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...but I am not always organized and tend to be scattered in some areas, mainly because I am too lazy at times to do something I should.

Here is an excellent example. I have lots of books. And I like to let others borrow them. Most times though, I don't bother to write down who has what, so...books wander off, I forget who I lent them to (although at the time it seems perfectly easy to remember that I handed them off too ______), until someone hands them off to someone else, and then my mind just goes a little crazy.

Although we aren't finished with this year's homeschooling, I've bought much of my curriculum for next year already (it was on sale and I was a little overanxious to get my hands on it). I had it, and I vaguely remember a conversation in which I let someone borrow the main curriculum book to look at. Because we wouldn't need it yet.

Do you think I could remember who I let borrow the book?

Not on your life.

If it's you - and you are reading my blog, could you let me know? Pretty please?

And I vow to keep better track of all those books I let others borrow. Eventually.


  1. Maybe you should start a book blog? ;-)

  2. LOL! This sounds like me.

  3. Well, I'm pretty sure it wasn't just loaned me a bunch of cloth diapers. ;-)

  4. And I thought you were perfect! Now you've blown your cover.

    Wonder where that book went to? Maybe Zachary is reading it?;-)

  5. Thanks for the help with cloth diapers a couple of weeks back! Where do you buy your liners? I think I am going to try them once she eats solids!

    I am enjoying the cloth so far - hoping to get to a post about it soon, too!

    For this post, I would suggest something I do - put an address label inside my books that I lend people. That way, they at least remember who they borrowed the book from! Maybe a spiral notebook on your bookshelf - jot the name in there before you lend so that you can keep track. Just some ideas!
    Thanks again!


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