Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Battle of the Brocolli

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Have I mentioned that I'm stubborn? Strong-willed?

And so far, three of our children are exhibiting this to varying degrees?

Unfortunately, this has been rearing it's ugly head at dinner time with Zachary over the last week. Monday night he refused to finish his mashed potatoes and corn. Can you guess what was sitting on his plate for breakfast? and snack? and lunch? and snack - until he finally managed to eat it right before dinner last night.

Last night dinner seemed to be going fairly well. Until the brocolli just sat there. Staring at him. Despite the cries of his waiting chocolate pudding.

And my draw-the-line-you-will-eat-this attitude means that this was breakfast this morning.

And this was the face of a 3-year-old who was THRILLED to see it gracing the table.

Perhaps I seem a little harsh, but we have compromised on some issues. Since cooked carrots literally make him gag, we are now offering raw carrots with dip instead, since that doesn't cause an issue (go figure). Raw brocolli may also be in the future for us. We have a boy that at times can be very texture oriented. His excuse to not eat it this morning is: "My tummy is asking for cereal. It doesn't want brocolli." I'm sure it is. :)

So. much. fun. And I'm so glad that I can show this to him years down the road. When his kids are screaming and crying about their food.


  1. Good for you! Mommies are not short-order cooks! Our kids will eat what we fix or they will have "strange" things for breakfast, too.

  2. you are so stinkin strong! just seeing that face makes me want to grab him so cocoa-puffs, and he's not even mine! :0)

    i really believe the cooked veggies are just not for some kids. i know MANY adults who love raw vegetables and can't stand cooked ones. it's a texture thing, i think.

  3. Must run in the family, Ashton is the same. When he sees the tinfoil the next morning he starts crying immediately :-)

    I'm just surprised it is all in one piece. We tend to get a mushy pile of green sprouts as he tries to spread it across the plate to look like he is eating it.

    You must remember my adventures with carrots and brocolli when we were younger. Dad was always the tyrant making me eat them. He would even check my pockets and napkin. Now we get to continue the family tradition!

    BTW....Ashton finally figured out if he can make it to the trashcan before me he will have no leftovers. Now he will sit and wait for us to leave him with the brocolli and make a mad dash for the trash can.

  4. Oh man! Isaac and Zachary...why do you do this to your mothers??

    Isaac actually wouldn't eat pizza for dinner the other night and when he saw that it was breakfast he flipped. Who won't eat pizza???

    Stay strong. ;-)


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