Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Missing Shoes, Itchy Dresses...and Attempts at Pictures

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At 7am Easter morning, we heard cries of distress from our girls room. We only had ONE PAIR of white shoes to wear for Easter. Which is obviously a problem when you have two girls. Laurianna graciously let McKenna take the one pair of shoes and we buckled everyone in the van and headed to Target for some shoes. And they were closed. So we headed off to Kmart. And they weren't open yet. So we sat in the van and waited. And waited. And we found one pair of shoes in the size we needed (Thank you, Lord) - because had there been no shoes, it wouldn't have been good. And as an added blessing, the box of shoes came with a lovely butterfly necklace, making for one happy little girl.

Trying to take pictures of four children can truly be exasperating. There is a one in a million chance that I might (and I use that term loosely) be able to get a picture with all four of the children looking at the camera and smiling. This was not that one in a million day.

Laurianna, of course was more than happy to smile. But she couldn't seem to put Kaleb down.

Zachary was...well, Zachary. Since we took pictures in the front yard, he felt compelled to take time to see if the car doors were unlocked, run around the car to get away from Rick who was chasing him to get him to sit down to take a picture. He finally did succumb to taking a picture...

...but only because he was promised that he could take a picture of Rick and me (and that is our neighbor's oddly mishapen and hacked up version of tree over my shoulder).

McKenna - she almost smiled for the pictures, but the dress was itchy, she was cold, the sun was bright, (insert a complaint here)...

And trying to get Kaleb to LOOK in my general direction. Just not really going to happen - especially while smiling. The grass was too green. Leaves to fun to play with.

But even with all the craziness and sixty some-odd pictures later...there are plenty of picture to smile about. The ones that make your heart happy.

Showing two sisters who DO love each other.

One crazy little boy who has a zest for life.

And one sweet little girl that truly loves on her siblings.


  1. Growing up there were 4 of us as well. I don't think we have even 1 picture where we were all happy. The stress of trying to get that perfect picture sure takes a toll on everyone involved...

    Your kids are beautiful and will appreciate all of the memories whether they are looking or not.

  2. awww, the pictures are cute. we didn't even take any; I forgot the camera when we went to our in laws after church; so you did a lot better than me.

  3. so cute -

    and your story about Laurianna's shoes clears up the cute little conversation I had with her at church on Sunday (I was helping her look for you to get her necklace that came with her shoes)


  4. I can't believe you went to the store for shoes on Easter morning! We country girls never woulda thought of that! The adorable photos bring back a lot of memories...(what am I saying, I haven't even looked at ours yet...maybe we have a story to tell too!@)


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