Monday, January 28, 2008

Tupperware takeover

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I had a "little" Tupperware party. Ummm...maybe not so little as I orginally thought. I received several ship notices today from Tupperware to let me know the order was on it's merry-little-way.

11 boxes. ELEVEN!!

I am a little scared to see the FedEx man. Not-so-happy will he be with me...

And where, pray tell, am I supposed to keep all these boxes?


  1. yeah! my tupperware is on the way... yup only women get excited about tupperware i suppose....

  2. Cheryl, my response exactly when I read the blog ... yeah my tupperware is coming. Is it sad I'm excited to rearrange my kitchen?

  3. Oh wow - that is SOME party! You ladies like your tupperware, huh? :) do I paste your button on my blog? I don't see the code. I think if I copy and paste it, it is just the graphic and not the button....

  4. HEY! ONE of thoese boxes is MINE! Just have him bring it over to me! (smile)


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