Saturday, January 12, 2008

Making the Rounds

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Well, it definitely wasn't food poisoning with the kids (big weight off my shoulders since I was the one who cooked a different meal for them that night). It was the flu. Which I so graciously contracted from my children.

Being sick really isn't fun, and fortunately it was VERY short-lived in my body - really only a few hours. On the bright side, I managed to lose a whopping 4 pounds. Not so bad for 4 hours, eh? Hee hee....

Not necessarily the diet I would have chosen or want to repeat, but I know some pants that are calling my name....or, I can just have a little more room for the fun party tonight at Christin's!! :)


  1. Sorry you were sick! I have that same flu running its course through my system now. I am with you on the diet LOL not one I want to repeat but the weight loss isnt a bad thing.

  2. Oh, Jo...I'm so sorry. We went through that a few weeks ago & it was no fun. Hope you're all feelin' better very soon. :-)

  3. Have I mentioned lately that you're a dork?! ;) But alas, it's why I love you so much...this common denominator of ours. *wink*

  4. Feelin' better? Not breaking out the leg warmers quite yet eh? Come on Jolanthe - let's get some pictures posted here of the good old years.

  5. My fav line from The Devil Wears Prada..."I am one stomach virus away from a size 2"...

    One way to lose weight.


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