Thursday, January 24, 2008

Having Church

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McKenna had to spend a little "alone time" in her room this morning due to a few sibling issues. While she was in there and I was sitting in the living room I heard her start singing.

"Praise the Lord for all he’s done.
We praise you God. We praise you God.
We praise you God. Our God.
You make us smile.
We tell you when we’ve done something wrong.
We pray to God. You’re the one that we pray to.
You are our God who is the Savior.
You are the one that we praise.
You are the King.
You are the special man. Oh God."

When I asked her later what she was singing in her room, she said "I was just having church." This is a the moment that outshines the moment that got her in her room to begin with!


  1. How wonderful! I just love those moments. Surely Our God lives!

  2. That is precious, Jolanthe. It's what all mothers want to hear from their kids while having "alone time!" ;-) You're doing an awesome job at the mom stuff.


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