Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Can You Get Sharpie off a Desk?

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I suppose later today I will figure out the answer to that question. Hopefully, you can get it off.

Now to explain WHY there is a Sharpie drawing on our nice, big, lovely, oak roll-top desk. That would be thanks to a certain 5-year-old living in our house. Who apparently has too much free time on her hands.

When Laurianna told me about the writing yesterday I was non-to-happy. She didn't draw a picture, but rather wrote our last name on the pull handle to one of the drawers. Laurianna said, "Ask her WHY she did it!" Ok. Why, you might wonder? If a burglar breaks into our house and tries to steal our computer, he will see our name and know that it belongs to us.

Yep. That ought to stop him dead in his tracks. :)

Tiny Talk is back, so be sure to pop over to Mary's and see what other little ones are saying!


  1. Oh the things kids do-I love their imaginations. They sure keep life interesting. I had a similar thing happen once-I was greeted from coming off of a trip by a welcome home pic all over the wall. Nice. It was not in sharpie though-I wish I knew what took sharpie off. You will have to let us know if you find a good answer to that.

  2. Sharpie. Or stinky marker as they are called around here. I have had SOME success with those Mr. Clean erasers. But oak, huh. Well at least it "could" be sanded!
    And, yes, I have entire-full bodied portraits drawn on doors, and even laminate floors! Be glad your name isn't Schweilgerzerhammer!

  3. LOVING the new shots of the kids :)

    UGH...UGH...UGH...and such innocence in thought, yet such disaster.

    Mr. Clean eraser? Sol-u-mel (by Melaluca?)

  4. Oooh, oooh, I know how to get it off! Hairspray. Really. It takes off permanent marker quite nicely, and it doesn't mar your finish. (The Magic Eraser might ruin your finish.)

  5. I have a deep love for Sharpies but I've never had our table monogrammed before in one - oh my! Hope the Magic Eraser idea works, those things are amazing so I wouldn't be surprised if it came right off.


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