Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Feeling the Burn

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From the title of the post, one might assume I've had the good sense (or desire) to work out. Not so much. I have succumbed, once again, to the inner-vanity and visited a doctor for laser hair removal. The last time I went was around 2 years ago, so I continued those treatments and I was also blessed to receive a FREE treatment of my lower legs. Painful, but free.

And seriously. If you had to shave my legs, you might be considering the treatments too. It might not be so bad if my hair were blond. Or light and peach-fuzzy. But no. Coarse. Black. And enough to make any sane woman wish she were European and NOT HAVE TO SHAVE!!! I boycott as often as I can, but it's really not a pretty sight. And if you don't believe me...well, just believe me, take my word for it, and be thankful you DON'T have to have a visual on it. Some have dared and haven't been the same since. *grins*

My husband is all for the idea. And frankly, who can blame him? He doesn't have to deal with the pain and reaps the lovely benefits! Right now, I'm happy with doing my legs and the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin. There are other parts of my body that I am quite not - nor may I ever be - ready to let venture into laser-land. Ever.

I talked to the technician today about the price for doing my legs, etc....and when I showed her my calves, she got this funny look on her face and said, "I remember now! You are one of my favorites!" I don't know if that's good...but apparently it is. She couldn't restrain herself (the OCD in her kicked in) and while we were chatting, she started doing my legs as a little "freebie" for my visit....did from the knees down on one leg and HAD to match up the other.

My legs are a little "tingly" at the moment and before I show you a picture of one of them, I will preface this by saying that the first treatment on my legs probably cut down my hair growth by 40% - a HUGE reduction for me. Was it worth it? Well, it was free, so most definitely yes. And so was this one. But here are the results of today's visit. This is the from the knee down on one of my legs (the red bumps are basically where each hair follicle is).

Would you do it? Would it be worth it to you? Oh. And did I mention there will more than likely be quite a bit of itching attached to this. For a few weeks? Hello to my friend Benadryl!!


  1. Oh, Jo....ouch. I can't imagine how much that would hurt. I admire your dedication.

    You deserve a night off. Can you have your maid make dinner tonight? ;-)

  2. I've been doing it for 7 months in a VERY uncomfortable area - it reminds me of dozens and dozens of bee stings. But I'm with you - worth every minute of it!

  3. I'm sure the ladies of the grace covenant ladies retreat, that share a room, and possibly even a bed, with you will be very grateful for all of your pain and suffering! :)
    love ya!

  4. That looks terribly painful. No pain, no gain they say. Thanks for stopping by with a comment. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Love the layout design- beautiful.

  5. OUCH...OUCH...sometimes it stinks to be a gal.

    I admire your courage for posting that shot :)

  6. Ok, I had my legs waxed for my wedding and I vowed to N-E-V-E-R do anything even remotely close to that ever again. After half of one leg I was ready to walk out, or crawl, or hobble... Thought the soon to be new hubby would not like the lopsidedness so I let her finish. She had the nerve to ask if I wanted *ahem* more done. I do believe I responded with something a little rude and left as quickly as I could.
    I'll stick with my husbands Gillette Fusion.

    So glad that you like it though! :) and free is good

  7. I'm laughing! Totally not expecting a post about leg hair...or the lack of it! So hilarious!

    Personally, I think Rick should have to have laser hair removal on his face...just to make things even.

  8. I commented before, but it disappeared! You are brave, I had my underarms done for three treatments and about died! Yowza, laser hair removal is not for the faint of heart!


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