Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To Our Little Swimmers…

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swim team

You all did an AMAZING job at your end of the season swim meet! If I wrote it all down correctly, both of you improved your time in each race you competed in. You may not have been the fastest overall ~ but you have worked so hard to do better for yourself and we are SO proud of you!

swim team

McKenna, you did your absolute best and Daddy and I are so excited that you were the winner of your heat. You truly swam your little heart out and we know you are excited to have a ribbon to add to your collection!

swim team 

Laurianna, nothing makes my heart happier than seeing you cheer on a friend who is getting ready to compete ~ even though that friend is swimming for another team. Your encouraging heart is so wonderful to see and I’m so glad to have this picture to remember the moment!

The confidence that both of you have gained this past summer has been so much fun to watch and hopefully next summer we’ll be back at the pool with both of you and Zachary!

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  1. Oh, Jolanthe, how happy this post made me! My family are all swimmers (some of us going on to coach at the high school and even college level today) and these pictures brought back some great childhood memories. :-)

    What a great way to spend the summer! Hooray for swim club!

  2. yay! Glad they improved so much! Love that picture of Laurianna!

  3. Your little swimmers are adorable! Our swim season is over, and I have to say that I miss it! I love being at the pool.


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