Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Talk of the Party

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Let’s just say that our children never cease to leave friends or co-workers with something to talk about for weeks ~ or years to come.

One of Rick’s co-workers has a picnic and pool party each year at her house and after we arrived Sunday afternoon, she was reminiscing about last year’s picnic and our children’s love for cheese puffs. Pretty much all the cheese puffs at the picnic were absconded by our children {and obviously everyone at the party noticed their unparalleled digestion of them}.

While everyone was giggling and laughing about last year’s picnic memories…and pouring a big bowl of cheese puffs…the kids were having fun swimming in the pool. When it was time to dry off and get dressed, Kaleb went into one of the changing stalls to put his clothes back on. I was cleaning up our things and heard the giggling start.

I turned around and watched Kaleb walking naked across the lawn toward me, strategically holding his shirt in front of him and his shorts behind him.

Until he saw me.

Then he held them both up in the air and announced that he needed help getting dressed.

I think we topped the cheese puffs story.

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  1. HAHA!!! That is something my son would totally do, AND HE'S 10!!! He never even thinks about it at home, so why would he think about it anywhere else. (sigh) :) Yep, that'll top the cheese puffs.

  2. LOL!! I'm so laughing right now!! That is SO something my guys would do. Like the time we were at the park with our homeschool group and my son decided to pee on the tree.....he had to go, there was a tree, and he does it at home! Wow - we've had some lessons on that since then! Haha! At least you know you'll continue to get invited back - you provide the entertainment for the evening! : )

  3. giggle...snicker...giggle...snort.

    I believe this is my standard comment for most posts involving your kids. They are an interesting lot!

  4. LOL...I wonder what next year will be like :)

  5. How cute....moments like that is what makes little boys sweet...and helps you deal with all their other moments! I swear my son has a "sweet" radar and knows just when to turn it up....must have learned from Daddy :)



  6. Hilarious!!!!! Glad you are enjoying your summer!

  7. With all that exposure you would think he would have a better tan on his butt :-)

  8. ooo my goodness this cracked me up!! But what did me in was your brother's comment :-P

  9. Hilarious!!!!! Glad you are enjoying your summer!


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