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Return Policy by Michael Snyder {Book Review}

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Willy Finneran, Ozena Webb, and Shaq are three people whose lives intersect after an unusual twist of fate. Willy 'meets' Ozena, a customer service representative for a coffee machine company,  in an attempt to intentionally break his espresso maker. The espresso maker only reminds him of a past relationship that he would rather forget.

Shaq is a homeless man who remembers little about his life ~ the blank spots outweigh the parts that he does remember. He helps at a homeless shelter. When Willy is sentenced to living at the homeless shelter after the bizarre hit and run accident of a college mascot, a chain of events begins for the three people that no one could have imagined.

My Thoughts

The word that comes to my mind when trying to describe this book is unique Return Policy by Michael Snyder shows three individuals who have all been through different types of tragedies ~ the loss of a loved one, death of a close relationship, mental illness ~ and ties their stories together in a surprising way.

Each of the characters in the book has their own viewpoint ~ sometimes almost comical in their thought process. :) A single mom, struggling to raise a son with special needs...a seemingly washed-up writer who is in a bizarre accident...a homeless man whose memory is more created than actual ~ yet who are linked together through circumstances at times beyond their control. But for God. :)

Personally, I think this is one of those books that you will either love or just put down. I had a difficult time following things at first because the story is written from three different perspectives. While Snyder does identify who is telling the story at each point they character view shifts, it was confusing for me at times to follow it all in first person and remember who was telling the story . Overall, the story is full of hope and how God is always waiting with open arms.

Still on My Nightstand

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  1. Hmm, I have had my eye on this book for a while but all the different perspectives might turn me off from the story...

  2. Come on, Vera...don't let a little thing like that turn you off from the story! Trust me, you'll love it! (In fact, I'll make the same offer I made on another blog...if you do read it and don't like it for whatever reason, just email me through my website and I'll send you another book of your choosing from my collection...See? you can't lose.)

    Seriously, thanks Jolanthe for not only taking the time to read my novel but for posting your thoughts about it as well. It really means more than you know.




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