Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cheating in 30 Day Shred!

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Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred

I've been shredding again. Not paper...hopefully the sad mess that my muscles have become. Now that I have a good pair of sneakers {to avoid that whole issue that I had with stress fractures}, I've been spending a little time each afternoon wondering if I've lost my mind and if there is any part of my body that might just stop aching.

But I do feel the need to point something out, because after watching Workout 1 repeatedly now and practically memorizing all that Jillian says, there's a little thing that is bothering me. Jillian is so very proud of the ladies that help her out, even saying that they don't cheat one bit when she isn't looking.


If you happen to watch the level 1 workout, one of her buddies, Natalie,  is NOT doing the static lunge {with a bicep curl} when she thinks that the camera isn't on her. My question is, if the girl who is getting paid to do the video isn't doing all the exercises, why is Jillian yelling at me to not take a teeny, tiny break?

Just something for me to yell at the TV when I'm getting my butt kicked, that's all.

This time around, I  got brave and took pictures of myself before starting the Shred ~ ones that no one will ever see ~ even my husband. Just documented proof to compare to after pictures showing that my insanity has actual visible benefits.

So far, so good. Ten days down...and 20 more to go. Assuming I can make it through level 2 tomorrow.


  1. Good luck!

    Today is my last day of Level 1 and Natalie has bothered me every single day. Cheat!

    Here's to Level 2!

  2. Way to go! You can do it. I have this DVD but I haven't been brave enough to open it yet.

  3. wtg Jo! I totally would be yelling at the cheater too! I think I need to buy this video soon :-)

  4. I have noticed that too...the cheater Natalie is!

    YOur doing awesome! Yay, I'm going to do level 2 today too. I do level 2 by myself. If I do it with hubby he is still on level 1 so I do that.

    Keep it up!

  5. I have a link on my sidebar for Shredders to help encourage one another. Would you like to be added? Just let me know. Thanks!

  6. Hang in there you can do it! Are you dieting to or just getting fit?

  7. I can't even imagine doing it one day! Her workouts are tough!

  8. LOL! I noticed that too! That's great! Keep up the good work!

  9. WOAH...there is a comment up there to delete...what is that?

    Anyway - you make me laugh. I used to do Taebo so much that I could converse with Billy..I totally knew everything he'd say.

    I just got the 30 day - do you do it everyday, or a few a week? When??? I can't seem to ever fit it in!!!

  10. I bought Shred and didn't like it so I swapped it with a friend for No More Trouble Zones, which I love (as much as one can love a workout video). Now that I've kind of gotten used to No More Trouble Zones, though, I'm thinking about getting Shred back (my friend didn't like either one of them) and seeing if I like it any better now that I'm in minimally better shape.

  11. SOooo glad you are not posting pictures. (not that you aren't cute enough!) But REAL WOMEN don't post pictures of their naked flesh online!
    Whoo hoo! I always knew you were a real woman! So proud of you!

  12. Glad I've found your blog - I love it! I just finished up Day 10 on the 30 Day Shred yesterday ... it took me a few weeks, but who's counting?! That has bothered me the entire way through Level 1. Hilarious! I love that you blogged about it! My fingers are crossed that I make it though Level 2 on Monday (I take the weekends off!). Good luck to you!

  13. Good for you! I have been shredding on and off for the last 2 months, but I really need to be consistent. It's just that my muscles are SO sore the next day. I'm probably just a wimp, I know.

    I'm going to start again today and try to be way more consistent.

    Oh, and yes, Natalie has bugged me from Day 1 with her cheating. :)

  14. yay! I just saw this and I am on Day 5. I hope you keep posting about it because I love hearing I'm not alone in my soreness! :)


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