Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going Easy

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Zachary has been working on simple addition during his school time ~ facts that add up to five. The other day when we were doing schoolwork, Zachary was flying through his math problems. I commented on how quickly he was working and he said, "Yeah, I know. They're going easy on me today!"


The kids went sampling at Costco with Daddy {a favorite thing to do on Saturdays}. All of them, except for Kaleb, came back chewing a piece of gum ~ a HUGE treat for them.

When I noticed the kids chewing gum, Kaleb was standing in front of me and had the most pitiful expression on his face. He put his little hands up in the air, his forehead was all scrunched up, and he said, "I went to Costco, but got no gum. Daddy said I swallow it."

It was just the sweetest and most pitiful look all rolled up into one...and made me want to give him a whole pack right there. :)

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  1. hehehe love them both! The gum story makes me want to go give him a piece of gum :-)

  2. Yeah, if I ever see him again, don't blame me if he ends up with some gum. ;)

    Of course, I don't give my own kids gum until they turn five years old...but you know, you're such an expert with Goo Gone that I'm sure you wouldn't mind digging chewing gum out of a carseat...or hair...or your couch, right? ;)

  3. I hope the math facts go easy on my kids tomorrow! LOL!

    Happy TTT girl.


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