Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas in a Cup

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In the midst of all the craziness over the last few weeks I completely forgot to post about one of the most hilarious {and one of my favorite} gifts that Rick received this Christmas.

From our daughter.

A few weeks before Christmas the kids and I went to Target, armed each with $6 to browse the Dollar Section and choose a small gift for the other family members. They tried to hide their choices as best as they could from each other, covering them up with their coats so that we would all be surprised on Christmas morning.

I saw a few of the gifts once we got home, but Laurianna managed to keep everything hidden from our view, not wanting to spoil any surprise.

And surprised would definitely describe the look on Rick’s face when he opened up his present from his 8-year-old daughter.



Rick and I tried so hard not to laugh because she has NO idea what a shot glass is, but was so excited because she wanted him to drink out of it. And really ~ the packaging makes it all so appealing, no?





  1. That is too funny! It does look cool though. But my question is, does it start to get sticky when it wet? Seems like it would, since it's candy and all.

  2. That is awesome- that is a story that will be told for years to come lol.

  3. Oh the innocence of childhood. She probably thought that it was "cool" and that Dad could drink out of it and then eat it too. How Funny! At least she did get him something worth remembering. LOL

  4. oo my goodness that is great! One that she picked it out and was able to keep it a secret. I am sure that was a shocker on Christmas morning! I would think Baileys would take delicious from that cup ;-)

  5. Oh how awesome is that!? Yes, these are the stories that live forever, and never stop being funny!!!

  6. Hehehee! This cracked me up! Too funny! And I'm sure it's something that you'll all always be able to look back and laugh about. The gift that keeps giving, hehe :D

    - Sam

  7. That's cute! When I was about her age, I was a Daddy's Girl. I found him what I thought was a "Father of the Year" award at the dollar store. It wasn't until my older brother started cracking up that I found out it happened to be "Farter of the Year" instead. I was so upset!

  8. LOL!! What a sweet little girl.


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