Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On the Bright Side...He Did ASK First

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My dear, dear son.

{And I'm sure you all just wonder whom I am talking about, right?}

Yeah, right.

Zachary walked up to me the other day all nonchalant and asked, "Mom, is it ok if I start a fire so I can hear what the smoke detector sounds like?"

BUT...he did ask first, so I have to give him HUGE kudos for that!


Zachary and I had a 'date' the other day, in which there was a little shopping for clothes for Mommy {in my defense, I'm trying to raise a boy that will be sensitive to the shopping needs of his female counterparts}. As we were flipping through the racks, he would hold up shirts to recommend to me.

As he held up one shirt he said, "You could wear this one to Laurianna's wedding!"

Me: "It's going to be a little bit before her wedding, don't you think?"

Z: "You could put it in that box thing with the buttons downstairs {the safe} and save it for her wedding then."

'Cause you all know I'm planning to shop at TJMaxx for my daughter's wedding...


Rick and I both have our own 'personal' money each month and I had used some of mine to buy an iced tea recently. We were all in the car and Rick tried to drink from my cup and I pulled the "Hey! I bought that with my own personal money - go buy your own {because I'm nice like that}!

Laurianna piped in a few minutes later.

"Actually, Mom, Dad is the one that works, so it's really HIS money that you are spending. So he should be able to have a drink."

My support is overwhelming, no?

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  1. I love these posts that you do, they always give me a laugh. Your children sound so adorable.

  2. Your children are quite adorable! Haha I always love hearing what they have said or done!

  3. I loved reading this post!! Thanks for the laugh...and isn't it great that now since you have those funny thing in writing you can actually remember them 5 years from now....unless you have a better memory than mine :)

  4. How precious! I love how kids can say the funniest things with the utmost sincerity!

  5. Wow you got some great ones this week! Don't you love when the kids out think us! Zachary totally reminds me of a grown Sammy... dear Lord help me now ;-)

  6. I love these posts where you post the most delightful things your kids have to say.

    Honestly it just keeps it that much more real with all of us!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. You are raising some top-notch comedians over there. ;-) Laurianna's comment cracked me up. sounds like something one of mine would have said.

  8. well i think your dear son's advice perhaps should have been heeded. i mean, the styles rotate about every 10-15 years. you may just save the right item only for it to be back in style at the time of a wedding;0)

  9. In this house I've made it clear that what's mine is mine and what's Daddy's is mine.


  10. Hehee! You're my favorite Tiny Talk Tuesday blog - your kids are priceless! Too cute =)

    - Sam

  11. Whenever I think of something to jot down for TTT, it almost always involves David...and I think, "Don't my other kids say funny stuff, too?" (Well, two of my other kids don't really talk, so I guess they don't count...but still...) :)

    But then I think about your family and how Zachary is often your featured child for TTT. I guess every family has to have one of THOSE children, right? (Not that your other kids aren't funny because they are!)

    It IS a good thing he asked first about the fire. :)

  12. These are really great! I already think of it all as my husbands money, but I'm not sure I need my little kids to remind me!

  13. ROFLOL! I love the comment about saving the shirt for Laurianna's wedding, because I remember two years ago when my mom was frantically looking for a mother-of-the-bride dress to wear to my wedding. It was QUITE an ordeal. She had a worse time finding her dress than I did finding my bridal gown.


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