Sunday, August 9, 2009

It Boils Down to Principles

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I went shopping alone the other day for groceries and got a little sidetracked in the clothing section {ahem}. I found some great deals on the clearance rack and had a few shirts picked out and had tried them on over my camisole. I even admired how cute they were in a mirror and sat there contemplating if I should buy one {or two} of them.

Then I noticed the tags in the collar of the shirts.

While I knew they were sized 'large' what I didn't notice was that they were MATERNITY shirts. {I will insert here that they were not the billowy and flowing maternity shirt styles from 10 years ago...more like the 'stuck to your body so your belly button shows for all the world to see' type of shirts}.

So I promptly put them back.

I know they were cute. Yes, they fit great and look like many of the other shirt styles around nowadays. But it's the principle of the matter!

I spent almost 6 years of my life wearing maternity clothes and just can't bring myself to intentionally buy a maternity shirt {cute or otherwise} when I am NOT pregnant.

Is that wrong? It would be like buying a pair of size 12 jeans when you know that you are actually a size 2 {that would be wishful thinking people.....}.

Could you do it? Would you do it? If it was cute enough, could you overlook a label, suck it up and wear it? Or would your subconscious be reminding you about that little tag at the back of your neck?

Please tell me I'm not alone in this!!


  1. Oh, that makes me laugh! I don't know what I would do in that situation, but I have noticed that the line between maternity and non-maternity shirts is getting blurred. I'm seriously sitting here pondering this...but I just can't figure out if I would be brave enough to go for it. Who would ever see the tag, right? But I would know. Hmmm...this is a tough one. :)

  2. Absolutely not! I would have to pass on the maternity shirts too.

  3. heheh htis totally cracked me up!! But no I could not buy them! :-P

  4. You are not alone. I would have put them back too, just for principle. I completely understand.

  5. I wouldn't have purchased them either--for the same reason you did not:-)! Agree with you on this one!!

  6. I will buy them. Iam not bothered by what's in the label... I usually never notice whats in the label when I wear them.

    Last 2 years ago I even bought a shirt from kids is large, cute (mickey mouse) and it fits me. I visited Disney Hongkong at that time and failed to buy Disney shirt. so as a substitute I bought disney shirt from department store :)

    well, thats just me.

  7. Perhaps my different response is because I'm in a different stage of life than you--single, never pregnant.

    But I have a few maternity items hanging in my closet. They are clothes I purchased without realizing they were maternity, but ones that I probably would have purchased even had I known.

    There's just something about finding a shirt that fits appropriately over my greater than ample bosom that makes me willing to accept the label. (Especially since said shirts also tend to be long enough that they cover my not-so-large-but-still-long torso.)

  8. I have a few maternity shirts that I just LOVE. They don't look like maternity shirts even and fit trim and look great. I also have some capri's that are maternity that I ADORE. Besides, I might as well get my money's worth...

  9. i actually have maternity clothes in my closet, and i've never been married nor appear to be pregnant. but i can't resist the cute cami's and flowy dresses!

  10. I left you an award/tag at my spot.

  11. LOL! No, I would not buy them either! Thanks for sharing; I had a good belly-laugh over it.

  12. No, I probably wouldn't buy! But I do have to admit that I have a couple tight fitting maternity shirts (turtle necks) that get worn every winter- pregnant or not!

  13. I would have done just what you did, I only hope I would have read the labels before I left instead of when someone else pointed them out to me when I got home, like hubby or my kids!

    Now I will be reading tags from here on out

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. I am right there with ya...not buying it if I am not pregnant...I;'ll stick to the "Ohhh I wish they had that when I was pregnant" and keep on moving!

  15. Funny! Totally wouldn't have bought it! Although one of my best bargains was a $6 skirt at Banana Republic. The tag said size 8...I'm a size 2. Apparently, others pass on items because of what the tag says! Score one for me!

  16. okay I've laughed and laughed at that. My sister just had her third baby not even two weeks ago and is organizing to remove maternity clothing from her closet. There is just something about that label....


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