Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Reading Chart for Kids

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The first day of spring is tomorrow (March 20th) so our winter reading challenge with the kids is wraps up today. The last week has been so sweet watching the kids cram in those last minute books with each other. They cuddle up on the couch and systematically check off their number list they created to let me know how many they've read together..

Truthfully, they have probably read more than enough books and it's probably due to my lack of recording their reading - but I'm not complaining! They are happy and content - and quiet in general, and that is always a blessing!

They reminded me last week that I needed to make a spring one for them and it's posted below in case you are interested in using it with your kids.

I also have charts that I posted previously for the other three seasons too - you can check them out here.


Spring Reading Challenge


  1. That's a great chart, when we're done with this school year, we'll use it for a summer reading chart :)

  2. so sweet. I love that your girls love to read. I hope to enrich that in my kid(s) :-)


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