Thursday, March 5, 2009

Even the Fish are Strange Here

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We've been fish-sitting for the last week and my biggest fear has been that we would somehow, someway manage to kill the fish.

And that would forever be on my conscious,

Because with two little boys who have a lack of common sense, it is entirely possible that he could be floating belly up before long.

I about lost it last night when I looked at the fish bowl and saw a most horrible sight.

How was I going to break this to the kids I was watching him for? Would a fishy-cpr intervention be necessary?

But he blinked. And continued to float around aimlessly belly-up around his bowl, a little flip of his fin here and there.

Perhaps odd characteristics are just rampant in our household and can even rub off on fish, eh?


  1. Oh that's funny! But, tell me, do fish blink? :)

    ~Emily Joy

  2. Ok sorry for laughing but this post was FUNNY! Gosh I would not want to be the one if the fish really went belly up to tell the children either. My Mom tried to get rid of "evidence" before I came home from school that she ummm mistakenly killed my goldfish. I was heartbroken for a week.

    Thanks again for emailing to say hello! Your family is beautiful!

    I'll be back to read your homeschooling blog too!

    Blessings in Christ,

  3. Ha ha. Only in -your- house. ;)

    (P.S. My fish occasionally did that too. ...Yes, yes, ok, I suppose there -are- some similarities between our house. The fish folks at Pet Smart said it was most likely an air bladder infection, but I've heard it can happen if the fish is given floating food too (something about ingesting too much air?). It's not necessarily lethal--I've had fish recover--but, um, yeah, it's not always a good thing. Rather entertaining though, hey?)

  4. Oh Dear . . . Something is not quite right with the little guy! Fish actually do not swim upside down - maybe he has gas! You might want to prepare yourself to go and get another fish - you may have a flushing ceremony tomorrow.

    Sorry - but I seriously think it might be serious, but I hope I am wrong. :-(

  5. Ha ha!!! We have a fish exactly like yours and it does the same thing all the time. It has been doing that a since a little before christmas. He also sits on the bottom of the tank really still. I thought maybe he was getting old. lol Course our house is pretty strange too. lol


  6. I'm thinking that if your children were involved in any "fish tomfoolary" it would be safe to say the fish wouldn't be floating belly up. Most likely the fish would not be in the bowl;)


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