Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jesus is an Adorable Superhero

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Kaleb is starting to string all sorts of words together...more than likely in an attempt to keep up with his talkative siblings and have his voice heard. The first few words he says might be understandable, but it can go downhill rather quickly, and then we sit there trying to figure out what he means.

Yesterday he sat at the table singing "Twinkle, Twinkle", but the words were running off on their own course, and any mom that has been forced blessed to listen to Dora a million times more than once might recall this little line that just cracks him up every time he sings it:

"Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder....what you ate for breakfast."

{this is where he gets the cutest little grin, scrunched up nose and just laughs at his own silliness}


Zachary was waxing philosophical on the way home last night....

Z: Did you know Jesus is pretty smart? He put mud on a man's eyes and washed it off and he wasn't blind any more.

Me: How is that smart?

Z: Well, it was smart. He's just adorable. He's like a superhero - but without a cape. And He lives in Heaven.

{I agree}

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  1. The ultimate super hero! When you are the Son of God you don't need a cape.

  2. Awesome super hero he is! Love that Kaleb is cracking himself up :-)

  3. Awesome super hero! He has obviously been thinking about this for a little while. :)

  4. I could eat that little Zachary up. Jesus is "adorable". So cute.

  5. Oh I want to hear Kaleb singing that! How cute!

    Happy TTT!


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