Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The (almost always) Perfect Looking Loaf

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I'm often asked how I get our bread to look 'pretty' and not just a lumpy mass of dough. I finally remembered to take pictures of the easy steps that I use. It doesn't matter what size loaf I make, this works great for all my yeast bread recipes.

It all starts with your basic ball of dough (the whole wheat recipe I use is here) - and I LOVE my Tupperware rolling mat!

Roll the ball of dough flat into the shape of a rectangle that slightly longer than the length of your bread pan.

Tightly roll the dough up (cinnamon roll style).

The ends will look a little yucky, so I tuck the end under the loaf.

Drop the loaf into your bread pan (I use Norpro Nonstick Bread Pans).


Just wanted to pass along a little something that is Working for Me!


  1. This is awesome! I love to make bread but have never invested in bread pans...thinking I need to!

  2. Your bread turned out great! I wish I could get my to turn out, especially not like a brick! I am going to try your whole wheat recipe next time.

  3. Look at those pretty loaves of bread!!! I love that red rolling mat! :)

  4. ooo looks awesome!

  5. I usually don't care if I have ugly looking homemade bread, simply because they get eaten pretty quickly, but those loaves are AWESOME!

  6. I've been baking bread a long time..I use the same technique as you. But the past couple of weeks it's rising so crazy. It ends up coming out all lumpy and bumpy on top. Have you ever had this happen?

  7. Oh so beautiful and yummy.
    I love homemade bread.

  8. I just made a ton of homemade bread over the weekend. I just love it!

  9. I just couldn't survive without homemade bread. Your bread looks absolutely perfect, I'll admit mine usually looks a bit "rustic".

  10. Those are beautiful! I'm going to check into those pans too! Lisa~

  11. Is there anything you can't do?!
    This bread looks "to die for yummy!" I need to learn to make homemade bread.

  12. I'm going through my Google Reader and I have over 1000 + to do. I had to come by and say thanks for sharing your wonderful bread. I am hungry now. lol

    I also have 4 giveaways right now: Skin MD, Classy Kids and Oliver's Labels. Come join in the fun! Thanks.


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