Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why Cupboard Locks Were Invented

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Our recent trip to New York and Kaleb's discovery of Grandma's cereal cupboard brings home the reminder of how lovely cupboard locks are.


  1. To cute.. love that he got in the cabinet! Sammy figured out that we dont have a latch on our Lazy Susan and he can open that. Have any suggestions on how to lock that down? That's where I keep all my baking supplies.

  2. oh but how much fun would that be. and it's just cereal.... right? my kids---no wait, only my oldest son, found great joy in emptying cupboards. we installed locks for him, then moved, and never needed them again for any of the others.

    some kids just have the curiousity that killed the cat:0)

  3. O, but the fun that was had!!
    (poor deprived should remove all your locks right now)

  4. Oh the curiosity...oh the fun of a cabinet :) We have never had locks...funny...they have never really gone too crazy in one...yet...

  5. Oh, the first picture with his little foot and little hand sticking out ... too cute. For our oldest we put everything in lock down, though he always found something new.

  6. Hello there, just stumbled across your website from a friend's website. I simply love love your blog... and the kids comments.... priceless. I think you've found youself an avid fan! :-)))
    God Bless


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