Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The "F" word

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Before you panic and run away from my blog, it's not that "f" word, but an equally nasty word in our house.


And it was spoken recently when a little friend came to visit. Round these parts, we like to use the more delicate word of "toot". You know, pretty it up a bit. It already stinks, so we might as well try to make it sound a little better, right?

The girls had a friend come and visit for the morning and at dinner that night our kids were talking and said the friend had farted on Laurianna's bed. And they giggled.

We had a little talk about how we don't like using that word (kids heard blah, blah, blah) and then we had to go round and round about why we don't like that word. Because you know there were a million questions.

"Why can't we say fart? Fart, fart, fart."

"But ______ said it, so I can say it too!"

"Fart, fart, fart."

Yes, the discussion went rather well, as you can see. Finally all the farty talk subsided and the girls went back to talking amongst themselves, Rick and I tried to carry-on something that resembled conversation and about 5 minutes later we heard Laurianna whisper to McKenna,

"It's the 'f' word!"

I about dropped my fork, because my brain had already gone so far past the prior conversation with our kids, and my mind was madly scrambling trying to figure out where in the world she would have heard the other word.

I ever-so-calmly (umm...not so much) asked her to repeat what she had just said, so she did. I asked her what she was talking about, and she replied, "The 'f' word is 'fart,' and the 's' word is 'stupid'."

Which is lovely, but I can just so picture my kids running down the aisle in church in the near future yelling, "_________ said the 'f' word, Mom!" and the stares that will follow that one.


  1. i personally have never had too big of aversion to the 'f' word your are referring to. i guess in our house, it's called both sometimes. but our kids have never gone crazy with saying it either, maybe because they get no reaction from anyone for it.

    but i know many families who refrain from using it. and i know many who have shared stories quite similar to yours. you should be proud that you are raising such clean minded children....even if their mom jumped to the nasty right away:0)

  2. This sooo cracks me up. Now, can you imagine the accused child screaming back "Nu-uh! You're the one that said a bad word...the S word!"

    leaving no doubt in any one's mind that you are, in fact, grooming your children to be very familiar with any and all cuss words.

    ahh, the sweetness of it all. ;)


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