Thursday, August 7, 2008

Capturing the Love

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A few days after our tenth anniversary, a friend of ours was in town and we got together with her to take pictures of just Rick and I.

Because the last decent picture that involved the two of us in quiet bliss existed in the realm of B.C. - before children.

We snuck away for about an hour and despite my husband's belief that he doesn't do well taking pictures, Lisa took some amazing shots of us (check her out at Destination Photography). Sorting through the many pictures is taking some time, because there are too many that we really, really like. And just not enough wall space to put them all!

Other than having a recent picture I just wanted something that would show IT.


That after 10 years of marriage and 4 kids...there would be something that captured just a moment for us. The fun in our relationship.

The night after our shoot, Lisa emailed me a little "preview" of the pictures to come and I seriously sat at the computer and cried happy tears. Because everything that I had hoped we would have as a result of our time with her was completely pulled together in this one photo:

It's us. Having fun. Remembering how it all began years ago...just the two of us. Capturing the love.


  1. The pictures are AWESOME!

  2. These are wonderful!!! I love the idea of just the two of you having pictures done, and you're right that Lisa captured beautifully the love that you all have. I can see why you cried happy tears! :)

  3. I know that I'm an emotional basket case - but I just cried when I saw your pics! You two do look so in love. What blessings God has poured upon you with such an amazing family and still such an incredibly strong marriage after 10 years. It also doesn't hurt that you're both so stinkin photogenic. :)

  4. I loved looking thru all of them the other night. You two. I tell ya, you are really something! As i've said before, that last one is my absolute favorite of all of them! Amazing pic. And you two are pretty amazing, yourself! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. awww great pictures!! You guys look great and it looks like you had a blast taking them!

  6. I can't see those pictures too many times. They're fantastic. :-)

  7. they are soooo good. looks like you had fun.

  8. Oh, wow, those are perfect! I can see why you cried happy tears! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  9. That is a gorgeous picture. They do capture the emotion. Something to treasure.

  10. You two were tons of fun to "shoot!" What a sweet couple you are.;-) I'm so glad I had the opportunity to capture your affection and love for each other.


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