Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Nose Picking Machine

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While driving around town today, McKenna asked rather thoughtfully:

"When we all get to heaven and Jesus gives us our new bodies, will He give us name tags too?"

(probably not, huh?)


We've been visiting Rick's family this last week and Zachary told us today that he was homesick.

awww...that's sweet, honey.

When I asked him what it means to be homesick, he said, "It means I have a headache."

On our way to church, McKenna was apparently busy concentrating on something rather ungodly: nosepicking.

"I wish that there was a machine that would be able to pick my nose that that I wouldn't get my fingers dirty."

Yes, that would be called a TISSUE!


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  1. The name tag thing is so thoughtful. Wow - that is cute.

    Buy that child some tissues...ROFL...like you don't have them all over at her disposal, right? ;)

  2. Your kids crack me up! There must never be a dull moment around your house!

  3. So funny - made me laugh outloud!!!


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