Friday, August 15, 2008

In 3.2 Seconds Flat

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It never ceases to amaze me how things can go from fairly calm and normally functioning to completely off the wall in no time at all.

I was still basking in the mommy-glow, all proud of Kaleb because he was sorting toys today. All by himself. I was rather impressed that he picked non-Duplos out of the Duplo box, put them in the other toy basket and then picked up his room (while Zachary was running around avoiding that chore of his).

But he, being 20 months, actually sorted his toys. Impressive, no?

Even moreso impressive, my oldest three seemed to be contendedly playing together. Little did I know that they had discovered Zachary's old potty seat high up on the shelves in the basement, climbed up and pulled it down and had it set up as a port-a-potty of sorts in the boy's room.

Unfortunately I discovered this only after McKenna had decided it would be fun to use it for some, ummm...rather stinky business.

Just makes a momma proud, it does.

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