Thursday, August 23, 2007

How did she get so smart?

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I'm sitting here with Laurianna while she is finishing some school work (yes, it's August and yes, we are completing our 4th week of school - slave driver that I am)...I digress. As I'm watching her, I'm wondering how in the world that girl got so smart. Certainly not from sitting and watching me type emails on the computer or blogging...hmmm... I am amazed at how quickly she picks things up (and sadly how simple some of her schoolwork seems to her). :::sigh::: explain how this happens again? and following right on her heels is McKenna who is reading stories to me - despite the fact she thinks she can't do it. Not to be outdone, Zachary walks around the house asking for homework (yes, he's 2), reciting all the girls memory verses and singing at the top of his lungs any song (generally worship ones) that come to his little sponge of a mind that sucks everything up (that does include noticing that women have breasts and as such asking one of the ladies at Costco why she has breasts :::deep sigh::: yet again I digress.

So, how and where are my children picking all this stuff up? I do teach them things, but generally not all that I "feel" that I should. These are the moments that I wonder if I truly do put enough time into my children and pour enough of myself into them. I don't feel like I do enough truly...there's the HUGE selfish part of me that just keeps rearing it's ugly head...and so I wonder if I REALLY invested in them...would I be sending them off to Harvard next year....well, ok, maybe that's a jump - it would at least be JMU - I don't think we could afford Harvard's tuition. :::grins::: just makes you wonder a little bit. Now, I have no plans to become a drill sarge to my kids and attempt to pump them full of knowledge 15 hours of they day, but thinking about even 15 minutes...a few more kisses to them here...a few more hugs there....a tickle to hear that laugh....just a thought...

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