Monday, August 27, 2007

Who Invented Teething Biscuits?

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I'm sure that it wasn't a mom that was looking for an easy-to-clean-up, keep you child happy, no mess kinda lady. There is no way. Because anyone trying to keep an infant occupied so that they can possibly get two bitefuls of food into their mouth before the wailing starts knows that teething biscuits are not NEAT - nor do they contribute to cleanliness in any way, shape or form. While they do merit an occassional thumbs up for allowing a few moments of peace while your little one sucks and chews the thing to death, the slimy mess that accumulates on every uncovered orifice of their little body and quickly hardens into a paper mache like crust is not fun to deal with. Espcially since the mess doesn't appear quite as bad until it fully dries - it darkens as it dries and you find more and more everywhere. Crusty hair. Crusty fingers. And truly - have you ever tried to clean a moving target? Childen and washcloths generally don't mix. Somehow, someway they find a way to wiggle out of the way. :::sigh::: it's really rather sad what a mom is willing to put up with for a few moments of quiet...

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  1. I agree. Those things are the worst invention - right behind pantyhose!!!! My kids would gag on them! Why, would anyone make a so-called "food" and market it to babies when it's dry as cardboard, and I can't even eat it without my mouth getting stuck shut?!? Blech.


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