Thursday, August 23, 2007

Keeper of the M&M's

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How exactly am I supposed to keep up with a 2 year old boy?

Nevermind potty train him.

Several weeks ago he just :::poof::: decided that he needed to use the potty. Took his diaper off and kept using it all by himself. That lasted 3 whole days - no accidents. nada. zilcho. Then apparently the novelty wore off and he wanted his diapers back.

But some days the underwear calls to him ... at least I can only assume that he hears a little voice from his Bob the Builder, Nemo, or various other underpants (should I call them underwear I will be corrected since I maybe once called them underpants and now they shall forever be called THAT!!!).

He is a big lover of the m&m that he gets should he pee in the potty and on the blessed occassion that a poop actually makes it into the potty (he generally saves that occurence for naptime and I am no fool to leave him in undies during naptime!!!) he will receive 2 m&m's.

Should I not be present when the potty is blessed, I will hear shouts across the house (because none of my children have mastered or attempt the art of an indoor voice) - I PEED IN THE POTTY. I NEED A M&M!! CAN I HAVE A GREEN ONE? MOM! MOM! MOM! (repeat endlessly).

So, I am the M&M keeper (and eater, because do you think I could seriously have 4 children in my house and NOT be driven to eat chocolate - and yes, steal it from my children? HELLO - it's chocolate!!).

So any hopes of truly losing the last of this baby weight are slim to none - slim, ha, that was funny!! As long as I am trying to bribe one of my children in some way, shape, or form. of course, the whole weight thing has nothing to do with me...or the fact that I keep "forgetting" about that ab lounger sitting in my living room - yeah, how's THAT working for you? Great, i'm sure if I would actually USE it! The 3 times that I did were great. I just keep forgetting :::grins:::

Although I'm sure that the weight is just flying off as I chase a half naked 2 year old around the house every day and attempt to keep him from sitting naked on my couch or from wandering outside in just his underpants...yes, he did that today too...looked ever so cute riding his trike in his nemo underpants - I'm sure the construction guys behind us are just LOVING being near us!!

And now my mind is wandering back to the m&m's....and wondering how many I can sneak before I have to buy another bag to restock the ones that I've pillaged out from under my son's nose...because the jar is emptying way too quickly for him to have earned that many...oops. :)

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