Wednesday, August 22, 2007

so, I will attempt to blog in some way, shape or form

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So, my friend Christin has been trying to get me to blog, do the myspace thing, and I am just getting around to trying this and see how it goes. Life in general is so crazy busy in our house I sometimes wonder how it all gets done (ok, seriously it doesn't, but I like to pretend in my little head that it does!). but, the family does manage to eat, groceries to show up in the fridge, and eventually the clothes do get clean ... for the most part, so I suppose that stuff is getting done.

Truly this might be fun, especially with the many crazy things that happen in our life here. There is always a funny story to tell, a deep ::::sigh:::: to share and many other understanding mothers who can totally relate to life as it happens in our house.

So, that said, I guess this officially counts as a first entry into blogging history. Don't expect my blogs to be deep and meaningful - just probably a crazy description of our day and hopefully something to make you laugh and either relate or hope that whatever happened at our house won't repeat itself at yours! :)

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  1. I didn't know I had tried to get you to blog. Hmm...scary that I can say something to someone and have no recollection of it. can I blame it on breastfeeding?!

    Somehow though, I did know you would cave in and join the blogger world. welcome, my friend.


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